I came to MiddleGround at one of the lowest points of my life; I was literally dropped off at their doorstep, in an act of desperation, by another church that had neither the ability nor desire to deal with "someone like me." When everyone else had given up and turned their backs, Pastor Kathy was the one and only person willing to take me by the hand and show me the true heart of Jesus. Every single week for more than a year, she faithfully met with and ministered to me...bringing God's love and truth to my wounded and hurting soul. At a time when I couldn't find God on my own, she became to me "Jesus with skin on," and every hug that I received from her was the Lord's own arms wrapped around me. I am here today because of her, and she continues to offer me love, comfort, support, encouragement, wisdom, and counsel whenever I have need. Kathy is truly doing the Lord's work and she reaches those who would otherwise fall through the cracks. In all the years I've know her, I have never seen a single person turned away. Kathy has laid down her life for "the least of these, " time and time again. She has presented herself a living sacrifice to the Lord. Kathy doesn't just preach the Gospel, she LIVES it, and that's a rare and beautiful thing in today's world -- even among the church. A more genuine and pure heart cannot be found and I will never be able to repay her for all that she's done for me. She has been a true friend, and I am eternally grateful. Kathy and her husband, Mark, are the "real deal." MiddleGround Ministries is saving and restoring lives, one person at a time. I know that they will one day hear God say, "Well done, my good and faithful servant."
female 30​

I have been counseled since at least 1998 off and on by Kathy Einan. Kathy was the same then as she is now...a fierce but very humble servant of the Lord Jesus Christ. She caused my wife Kim and I to find the truth in regards to our marriage. That truth being that Jesus was at the core of it. We thought divorce was certain but instead we are happily married and will certainly stay so until death.
Beyond marriage counseling I struggled with drugs and alcohol through the years. I expected judgment but instead received grace, love and guidance. Rather than judge me, she gave me Gods word. I came to believe that He, not me, was the answer to breaking my bondages. Although I feel she is a gifted Christian counselor and deserved to be paid, she never once in over ten years asked to be compensated.

I have personal knowledge that most of whom she has counseled were without resources. Most of whom would had nowhere else to turn. My only wish would be that there was more of her to go around."
male 40

​​​"I first met Pastors Mark and Kathy Einan 20 years ago when I came to Middle Ground Church on an invitation from my sister. I paid particular attention to Pastor Mark because I had a fear of men because I had been in an abusive relationship. He always responded to my comments and veiled threats with kindness. He gently spoke truth to my jaded view of the bible and of God. Through Mark’s demeanor, I gradually started to trust God, and then him, and then began the process of healing from my past. Mark never raised his voice to me and never took offense when I was dealing it out.

Pastor Mark ministers with humor and sincerity. He has a vast knowledge of the bible and I have learned much from him.

When the pastors “team” teach, Mark interjects with humor and the congregation looks forward to his jokes and funny way he tells stories.

I have seen Mark get up at night or anytime during the day to help someone who calls with car trouble, or needs gas money. He is always first to offer people a place to stay if they need it. He gives all he has. Mark is the most generous person I know. He is transparent and genuine.

I am blessed to know both Pastors Mark and Kathy and am privileged to be a part of their church. I consider them friends."   female 60