MiddleGround Ministries is a midwest- based social outreach service for people of all ages, walks, and beliefs. They provide free counseling and psychological/emotional support to individuals in need who do not have financial resources available, as well as those who are seeking spiritual insight and encouragement. These services are administered at the home office, as well as to many individuals across the nation via phone appointments.

MiddleGround Ministries also provides housing and refuge to individuals in crisis and transition and have housed more than 60 individuals at the home-base for both short and long periods of time. They are currently at full capacity, while they continue to take the message to the communities of our nation that each of us can make a significant impact on the world around us by doing what we can for others, one kindness at a time, one life at a time.
MiddleGround Ministries' commitment is to love and to restore life and hope wherever they can. Their training is in addictions to substances and behaviors. They minister to individuals, couples, families, and communities in a wide variety of ways with the belief that as they build individual lives and families, they are building the Kingdom of God. As Jesus taught us to pray “ Our Father who art in Heaven, .... Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be

Our music group, "Spirit and Truth" has come together to praise and worship.  We are three generations of people who love God.  We perform for other groups and churches.  There is never a cost, but please consider your donation to help support our ministry.


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I will praise the name of God in song and I will glorify him with thanksgiving.   
ps 69 :31